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Enneagram coaching is a form of personal development and self-awareness coaching that utilises the Enneagram system as a framework. The Enneagram is a powerful tool for understanding human personality, behaviour, and motivations. It describes nine distinct personality types, each with its own unique patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving.


Enneagram coaching involves working with a trained coach who helps individuals explore their Enneagram type, understand its core motivations, and recognise how their type influences their thoughts, emotions, and actions. The primary goal of Enneagram coaching is to support individuals in achieving greater self-awareness and personal growth.


The coaching process typically includes the following steps:


Enneagram Type Identification: The coach helps the individual determine their Enneagram type through a series of questions, assessments, and discussions about their patterns of behaviour and thought.


Self-Discovery: Once the Enneagram type is identified, the individual explores the core motivations, fears, desires, and defence mechanisms associated with their type. This self-discovery process allows them to gain insights into their patterns and understand how they impact their relationships and life choices.


Growth and Transformation: With a deeper understanding of their Enneagram type, the individual and coach work together to identify areas for personal growth and development. The coaching process focuses on breaking free from limiting patterns, cultivating positive traits, and building healthier ways of relating to oneself and others.


Relationship Dynamics: Enneagram coaching can also be valuable in understanding how different Enneagram types interact with one another. This knowledge can improve communication and empathy in relationships, whether personal or professional.


Integration and Application: The insights gained through Enneagram coaching are integrated into the individual's daily life, leading to positive changes in behaviour, emotional regulation, and decision-making.


Enneagram coaching is not about categorizing people into fixed boxes or limiting their potential. Instead, it serves as a tool for self-awareness, offering individuals a profound understanding of their unique personality and providing a roadmap for personal growth and transformation. Through this process, individuals can cultivate greater self-compassion, authentic self-expression, and harmonious relationships with others.

The Nine Enneagram Types

Enneagram Type 1

'The Reformer', 'Strict Perfectionist', 'Perfectionist'

- Principled

- Objective

- Conscientious

- Structured

- Quality-minded

Enneagram Type 3

'The Achiever', 'Competitive Achiever'

- Ambitious

- Efficient

- Adaptable

- Driven

- results-oriented

Enneagram Type 5

'The Investigator', 'Quiet Specialist'

- Perceptive

- Curious

- Unsentimental

- Self-sufficient

- Inventive

Enneagram Type 7

'The Enthusiast', 'Enthusiastic Visionary'

- Optimistic

- Flexible

- Future-oriented

- Practical

- Adventurous

Enneagram Type 9

Enneagram Type 2

'The Helper', The Caring', 'Considerate Helper'

- Warm

- Giving

- People-Centred

- Sacrificing

- Praising

Enneagram Type 4

'The Individualist', 'Intense Creative'

- Self-attuned

- Purpose-driven

- Inspired

- Sensitive

- Courageous

Enneagram Type 6

'The Loyalist', Loyal Sceptic

- Devotion

- Courage

- Prepared

- Trustworthy

- Team Oriented

Enneagram Type 8

'The Challenger', 'Active Controller'

- Assertive

- Decisive

- Protective

- Independent

- Influential

'The Peacemaker', 'Adaptive Peacemaker'

- Agreeable

- Understanding

- Patient

- Supportive

- Genuine

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