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Mastering the Light Within
A coaching journey to creating inner Freedom and Peace

Perusha is a Conscious Teacher and Transformational Life Coach.  

NeuroLinguistics Practices

"What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve."

Napolean Hill

Experience a transformative and non-traditional coaching approach that will guide you toward Mastering The Light Within.

Perusha, has skillfully crafted a distinctive coaching style that seamlessly integrates NLP (Neurolinguistics Practices) in this transformational coaching experience. Her coaching approach integrates the wisdom of the Enneagram and creates an in-depth holistic approach to clients exploring their journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

As a conscious teacher, Perusha draws upon her journey of growth and extensive research into the realms of the mind and healing techniques. Through these experiences, she has effectively transcended limiting beliefs and reshaped the narrative of her life story. This transformation has empowered her to shift from a survival-focused mindset to the discovery of inner Freedom and Peace.

On this coaching journey, you can look forward to a process of healing from past pain and embracing self-love and acceptance in its entirety. You'll gain a comprehensive understanding of your energy and how to harness it effectively, eliminating the need for life to feel like an uphill climb. This will be achieved through learning tools and self-inquiry techniques, enabling you to raise your vibration and transition from mere survival to thriving.

Perusha has the unique ability to listen deeply and to bring clarity and insight to her clients.  She works holistically with clients, assisting them in understanding and shifting aspects of their way of being in the world leading to deep change. 


You will begin a personalised path of self-discovery, leading to a deeper understanding of your true potential. As your personal and dedicated coach, she will support you throughout the process, offering invaluable insights and practical tools to unlock the brilliance within you.


Through this journey, you will uncover hidden strengths, identify limiting beliefs, and conquer self-doubt, ultimately empowering you to lead a life filled with purpose and meaning. Embracing inner calm and joy, you will emerge as a stronger, more fulfilled individual, radiating the light that resides deep within your soul.

Today, Perusha lives out her passion and generously imparts her wisdom to clients from various corners of the world.


Begin your transformation today and illuminate your path to a brighter future on this revolutionary coaching program – ‘Mastering the Light Within’.

My Coaching Services

NLP Coaching

NeuroLinguistics Programing
Neuro - Nerves
Linguistics - Language

Life Coaching

Heal yourself, gain clarity and achieve your goals

Trauma Release

Learn how to heal and be free from past trauma and pain 

Enneagram Coaching personal & Business

Discover your Enneagram type, explore your identity, develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your relationships


A state of awareness that increases relaxation that allows for focused attention and increased suggestibility

Relationship Coaching

Understand yourself and your partner to communicate effectively and build a stronger relationship

Unlock your potential and create your best life! 

"We are not meant to be bound by our circumstances or trapped in the endless loop of our own thoughts. Reclaiming your life involves living life purposefully, intentionally, and becoming empowered in creating the life you want."Perusha Bassdhev

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